white first communion outfits for flower girl

The best christmas gift I could ever ask for, even tho she thinks its only about horse cookies.... Sometimes things happen that are very traumatizing especially if its with our loved ones. Bc we think the outcome will always be the worst in bad situations, shying away from those things, like we dont have a choice. Like the day I thought I knew I had to put my girl down after 18 years with her. Luckily the vet said itll take time to heal, yet the riding part may never happen again. (If you dont love animals as your pack/your family you will never understand this effect it had on me hearing those words) Now 8 months later after lots of therapy, stretches, massages, heat lamp procedures I finally got to hear different words.. "Yes, ride her, walk her, jog her, run her." Relief doesnt even describe my joy! After all that time I learned patience, keep trying a 2nd 3rd or even 20th time. Bc that time counts ...it changes things even when nothing seemed like it would. My voice to you guys in life... TRY white first communion outfits for flower girl