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"Magical Thinking" ( ....another way of saying mental illness) It is almost comical how the author of the article speaks AS IF those who indulge in or even depend on Magical Thinking, (for instance, a woman who believes that she can mentally implement birth control for herself, based on a self assessed high degree of coziness in her relationship with God) also automatically want to abandon it in the interest of being more rational and doing better. IF mentally ill people h ... ad an existing dominant intrinsic desire/ motivation to be more rational then they probably would not be indulging in magical thinking / would not be mentally ill. People who indulge in magical thinking are doing so because they feel that their magical thinking is beneficial to them and serving them to a large extent, usually to the extent that they get angry / resentful when other people who are more rational attempt to point out the folly of magical thinking. Magical Thinking persists in the mentally ill because they like it, because they have a preference for Magical Thinking that runs right along with their tendency to completely disregard the horrendous damage in their lives that has been done by Magical Thinking, because the mentally ill are not bright enough to abandon Magical Thinking. wedding outfits with crop top

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How to Stop Magical Thinking in Generalized Anxiety Disorder Magical thinking in generalized anxiety disorder is a way of trying to control situations that are