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Hi if possible could you do me a private post only I'm there's a couple of people we know personally on the group xx

Basically my last period was the 16th December but they have been all over the place due to still breastfeeding our 1 year old and have only had 3 since she was born
We got our positive test on the 21st of January we were over the moon we had fertility treatment for our little girl and had literally just been back to doctors on the 15th Jan to discuss trying again
Since my periods have been off the midwife put dates unknown despite actually knowing my last period date apparently this is because I could have ovulated a lot sooner/later than I'd expected
We went for a scan on Monday the 27th Jan where we expected to be 10+3
But our world then fell apart our excitement changed to sadness as we was told baby only measured 6 weeks and no heartbeat they said our dates could be out but then we was led off to a private room to gather ourselves and then sent upstairs to gynaecology to be told quite bluntly that we were having a missed miscarriage and that we had 3 options wedding collections With Lace Appliques at discounted price
1-wait and let things happen naturally
2-take tablets and go home and wait for things to happen
3- go in for Day surgery for them to do what it is they need to do etc

However we were then sent home for an appointment to come back in 10 days (we go back tomorrow)
Nothing has happened yet...
my question is and I know not to be too hopeful but I can't help but wonder
Could they have been wrong?
Could our dates really have been that out?
Is it absolute there should be a heartbeat at 6 weeks if our dates were wrong ?

Sorry I'm just so confused and upset I'm trying to to cling to hope but if anyone has had a similar experience advice would be greatly welcomed xx

Thank you xx

This is our little bean I still asked for a photo xx
Have crossed our name and hospital xx