sleeved maid of honor wears that is modest and conservative

Today I hit the gym to train Back (upper), Triceps, Biceps, and a little Forearms. My best "guestimate" would be around 30 sets in an hour and a half.

I started out with a few sets of Stiff Arm Lat Pulldowns.Then I did a couple of sets of Lat Shrugs. Next up was four sets of various Lat Pulldowns (front, rear, v-handle). Then I did a few sets of Seated Cable Row with the v-handle. I finished Back with 3 sets of One Arm Dumbbell Row with a 70 for sets of 12. sleeved maid of honor wears that is modest and conservative

For Tri's I did a super set of Pushdowns and Standing Cable Close Grip Benches with the same weight and reps for each.
I did 3 sets and then did 2 sets of just the last exercise with around 200 for 15 reps. I finished with a few sets of Decline Rope Pushdowns for 15 reps with 80-100.

For Bi's I started with Standing Cable Curl for 3 sets of 10-15. Then I switched to a reverse grip and did a couple more sets of 15 with 80. I finished with a couple of sets each side of One Arm Cable Curl, using different angles on the cable for sets of 15.

For Forearms I simply did 3 sets of Standing Cable Behind the Back Wrist Curls......15-20 reps with 100-150.

I really was flying towards the end.....I mean like almost non-stop. My "guns" got mega pumped and I felt a little nauseas but powered through regardless! It was probably one of the most intense arm workouts I've had all year.

I can see my balance, symmetry, and proportions are all good. The only thing I need is to get more definition, which is primarily fat and water loss. That is the hardest part though!