short homecoming party wears specially for tall girls

There are men out here on these internets streets writing long posts and doing long video blogs on how a woman needs to behave if she wants to get married because as we all know marriage is the ultimate achievement of a woman. You know this because it does not matter if she just became an astronaut. Her folks will be there like. Nice, really nice, well done baby? We are so so proud of you. Mhhh.. So when are you getting married?

These men all say the same thing. The woman should learn to cook well, she should dress like and move in the manner of mother Theresa. She should be a caretaker, caregiver and care everything. To be a good wife you must be well mannered and must love Jesus (Praise be) and or Mohammed (PBUH)
The woman should not drink or smoke, she should also stop going to clubs because men do not look for wives in bars and clubs. Men detest women who go bar hopping, smoking shisha and shit. I totally agree!!

She should not be loud in her speech, she should be the serenity and calmness in the eye of a storm. She should be motherly and respectful. Most importantly, she should let a man be a man. The man should be the head of the house. She should have a decent job but not ati go high up the corporate ladder, just enough so she can be supportive, and can also take care of the babies and seriously no man wants a wife that is just sitting there doing nothing at home all day. Career with a purpose and priority is family.

Because science upon science and studies after studies has shown that women are more enduring... She should endure hardship and still be graceful while at it. No man wants a loud mouth, complaining nagging wife. Allow me to quote the bible here, wife material should be submissive to the head of the house.

What my dear men is telling the women is: they should be of high morals, not loose women, otherwise they will be calling no man hubby anytime soon. If they want to call anyone hubby they should follow those guide lines.

Its all simple really.

AND TRULY I SAY UNTO YOU! us women, because we are obedient multitasking learners, we have taken everything into consideration and have seen the light.
Women have bent backwards and accepted and changed their gold digging, whiskey drinking, shisha smoking, long weaves, short shorts, slutty 6inch heels wearing descendants of Lilith ways. They have changed their dressing, their manners, their hair, speech, demeanor, basically everything and have become wife material. As reward they have got the hubby and a white wedding to boot!! praise the lord!

Once woman becomes wifey, she does not stop there, she becomes the model wife, only kitenges, and the occasional dinner gowns, her drinking single malts and club hopping days are non existent, she hosts like a pro, her children are well mannered and her house is in top form. She is a stepford wife. The good wife. She prays with family, goes to church, loves Jesus. She cheers, supports, cajoles, and mothers. She loves her family, but is also the disciplinarian. A lady on the streets and a freak in bed. She is perfections. short homecoming party wears specially for tall girls

So let me ask ya'lls samting? How come after them men recognise the good manners of wife material and marries her (bless them) then decide to cheat, (and we all know a lot of them are fucking somebody else) this clande/sidechic/MWK is everything they told wife material not to be?