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Para po sa may mga asthma BATA O MATANDA ...
.... mga mommy wag niyo pong hayaan lumala kung my asthma man ang anak niyo wag po kayo manghinayang sa pera .. impotante po ang health ng mga anak natin . Nakaka awa ang mga batang may asthma kahit na nga matanda kawawa din kapag inaatake ... C24/7 po para sa mga adults at para nman po sa mga bata COMPLETE at KIDDIE 24/7 ASTHMA SYMPTOMS , which include coughing wheezing and chest tighness . , are common in an asthma attack sometime asthma is disease asthma can be controllled with proper treatment . ASTHMA MEDICATIONS asthma medication can save your life and let you live and active life in spite of your asthma There are two basic types of drugs used asthma treatment ... red carpet dresses for sale
1 . Steroids and other anti- inflammatory drugs . Anti- inflammatory drugs , particularly inhaled steroids , are the most important treatment for most people with astham theselife saving medications prevent asthma attack and work by reducing swelling and mucus production in the airways . As a result the airways are less sensitive and less likely to react to asthma triggers and cause asthma symtoms ..
2. Bronchodilators relievev the symptoms of astham by relaxing the muscles that can tighten around the airways . This help to open up the airways ...
3. For remedy or cure , take C24/7 naturaceticals , complete or pick your choice from any flavor of liven coffe original ,
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