racer back style wears for a wedding

Quick disclaimer, i tried drawing last night after d&d for an idea I've been toying around with for ping / enigma's costume, failed miserably, so i took to the net. None of the art is mine, not trying to use for profet, etc, etc. Now then here's my idea....

Ping is keeping this all a secret except from 1 person, story to come later.

Ping started drawing up multiple ideas for her basic costume. Ping wanted it to be hyper sexualized, needless to say Ralph and Benjamin didn't like their child masquerading around without "clothes." This was the compromise. Ping wanted something that could be worn under the clothes, so when the time comes to go hero mode, they could teleport the clothes and accessories away. Ping wants there to be black and grey color pallet to the costume, with a giant equal sign circled and slashed through on the chest.

Now thats all fine and dandy, but oddly enough the 4 of us were talking at the dinner table, (its a circle so everyone has equal social status, no dynamic power structure of head of the table after all...) and Benjamin asked why i wanted the costume. After explaining its to hide my identity, Ralph, the laywer, brings up physical responsibility and property damages... he still hasnt gotten over the statue incident. Well ether way Benjamin, the techie, said "well your face is wide open, you'd need something to cover it." Ping loves cyber punk amd cyber goth, so ping got excited amd proclaimed "oh man how 'bout this kick ass visor face mask combo!" Ralph didnt like the cursing, but the other 2 didn't mind it, ping just got excited. Any who Ben thought why not a visor that just has a direct pic feed of tiny cameras on the front and sides that would display on the inside which is just a big screen. "As low tech as possible so all those crazy hackers couldn't hack a directly wired camera video feed," having done cyber security before Ben mentioned.

Ping brings up the idea that maybe they can have ear audio interface with the comms channel that P.E.N.S use, cause why not? It'd be helpful, and seems secure enough. Ben sighs "yeah but i can't make any promises hunny, you know how P.E.N.S is." Ping proclaims "yeah they can be real dicks sometimes," to which Ralph and Ben just stare.

Dinner ends and we all clean up, Ralph goes upstairs to work in a big case load he has, leaving Benjamin, Arnold, and Ping downstairs in the living room. Ping sits in the "idea chair" and starts describing her ideas for a facemask. Ben and Arnold just cuddle watching a movie, and Ben mentions, "Well you want it to be functional right? Or just for show?" Ping ponders breifly, "well functional is cool and all, but i dont like those little canister things. Not while in combat anyways. For a rave is fine, but not when I'm teleporting everywhere." "Well there are some prototype mask our company has been developing, but its gonna be expensive." Arnold pokes his head up, "You know Ralph isnt gonna like that..." he trails off and goes back to the movie. "Yeah but if its for our baby girl i don't mind the cost." Ben said happily taking out his laptop. "Dad!" Ping proclaimed. Ben rolls his eyes. "Look hunny, you can have your self expression all you want, and we will honor whatever pronoun you want, but its safe to asume when you're out there with your lady bits exposed, people are going to call you female pronouns." To which Arnold agrees, "He has a point, you can wear your binders and use your packer all you want, but in that suit you can't. Its very form fitting. I had the girls take your measurements, and it should be ready in the morning, but you know without that binder and packer, you have a very feminine body love." Ping sighs, "yeah you're right, im just gonna have to get used to the whole duel identities thing. Anyways," ping stands up and walks over to them, "thanks dad." Kissing Benjamin on the cheek then moving over and kissing Arnold on the cheek. "And thanks daddy. Any who, I'm off to bed. Mind if i have 1 of the team over tomorrow? I wanna reveal the costume to him and my whole gender thing. They keep calling me a guy, which is fine and all, but I think he should know ahead of time. I keep using my power negation everytime we touch so he probably has no clue." Ben and Arnold look at each other breifly, "fine, but if you go into your room I want the door open ping!" Ben said, fearing it might fall on deaf ears. Ping was already running up the stairs and shouted down "thanks dad!" racer back style wears for a wedding