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Christmas. A time of family, love, laughter and memories. Memories of Christmas dinner, our grandfathers falling asleep on the recliner. Memories of our mothers, aunts and sisters baking our favorite Christmas cookies. Memories, as children, of unwrapping our presents, and realizing that Santa Claus does truly exist.

Yet for some, Christmas has come to mean a loss of that laughter and love. Love and laughter are still shared, yet suffocating emptiness fills our thoughts. Emptiness of lost loved ones taken from us too soon. When a child dies during this time of year, Christmas is not Christmas anymore. The love and memories that are shared, of Christmas past, always go back to the "why?". An eternal question, that can never truly be answered. An eternal scar on our hearts, that will never heal. One man, a giant in terms of unconditional love, offers his hands during the holiday season. With his hands, this one man, who has seen what the pain of loss does to a soul; created the Christmas Tree of Remembrance. not expensive wedding wears for summer

Family, friends and strangers can place an ornament on this tree at anytime. There are no questions asked, no money to be asked for, and no cameras to capture the moment. Just a simple act of placing an ornament, on a Christmas tree.

With one simple act of placing a Christmas ornament, on a stranger's Christmas tree, a weight on our hearts is lifted a little. We remember not the loss and pain. Instead, thoughts of their faces, smiles, baby giggles, tiny fingers wrapped around our finger, hugs, laughter, and love. Thoughts of eternal love fill our souls. Much like the Grinch, who's heart grows ten times too big, we let our tears fall down our cheeks in the cool winter air, unashamed. We walk away from this simple tree, smiling just a little bit more, remembering the too short time that was filled with our loved ones. Knowing, in our hearts, they will never be forgotten.

So please, help spread this story and "share"' to all your friends, and come place an ornament on the Christmas tree.

Tree is located at the corner of 5th and Washington in Cleveland, Minnesota.