non-formal garments for wedding in short length

A question that most of you would answer as NO
According to me,
Virginity should not be a parameter to judge someones character. Just because she isnt a virgin doesnt mean that she is characterless.
Maybe she was raped,
Maybe she loved someone so much that she trusted him with everything.
If you love someone truly then virginity shouldnt matter but if virginity matters for you then that isnt love. You love a girl but you wont marry her just because of a silly reason, she would not bleed on the wedding night non-formal garments for wedding in short length
Like seriously ?
Everyone has a past and every past has a story. But if you love someone than their past shouldnt matter at all.
And why is it so that everytime only girls are questioned ? Why not boys? Why? Every boy wants to marry a virgin girl but no boy wants to remain a virgin before marriage
FUCK YOU ( WHO HAVE THIS KIND OF CHEAP MENTALITY ) love is not about sex or virginity.
If you love her , treat her like your QUEEN , not a SEX SLAVE .
She is not weak, just silent because of society.
Voice of every girl. Okthanksbye