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Most people think is when a girl bleed during her first time sex then she is a virgin.That mindset is very wrong.According to medical science bleeding doesn't determine if a girl is a virgin or not.THE MYTH ABOUT FEMALE VIRGINITY-African,Asia has this common belived that u can tell if a woman is a virgin by whether or not she bleeds the first time she has sex,THERE is ZERO truth in this.Not all women bleed the first time they have sex.To understand why most women won't bleed it is important to understand what the hymen is,The hymen is a membrane that cover part of the vaginal opening,it does not always block or cover the vagina,as some people mistakenly belived.NOT ALL WOMAN HAVE A HYMEN.The hymen differ from women to women,As all women are different in hight in weight and body features,and as women have a different menstral flow cycle,so they have different amount of hymen.Some women have very thick hymen while others have very thin some don't even have at all.Some women have a very large hymens some women naturally have a very little hymen that cover only a small portion of there virginal opening(and hence does not really get in the way during first time sex)In addiction to this is important to note that the hymen wear away on its own as the female grow up.For most women the hymen wears away on it own as activities like dancing,sport,or even heavy menstral flow,Especially if the hymen is very small or thin,most of it tends to wear away on it own as a girl grow up.If a woman is born without a hymen she won't bleed the first time she had sex,or if as a child the way she was bathed my open the hymen at the time if she has a thin one she mind not bleed the first time she has sex.(If a woman hymens has worn out on it own which is common as girl grow up she won't bleed the first time she had sex.The truth is 70 percent of women will not bleed the first time the have sex,According to Bristish medical journal, and a research by prof Zinab Abdulwahad University of kwara,women who do bleed include women with thick hymen (who constitute a small percentage)younger girl between age 16-18 has a higher chance of bleeding,more than ladies between 22 and above,because most the ladies there hymen has worn out,Even a young girl without a hymen will not bleed during first time sex,or a girl with smaller hymen.Most time women who bleed are women who are dealth roughly during sex,If the man force himself inside the girl when she is not ready,relaxed or aroused enough,he is likely to cause injury or bleeding,as in the cases of (rape)Most people don't realize that the bleeding in most first time sex is a result of the fact that the ladie is hurt and not breaking of the hymen.Which is why sex maybe painful because the woman is not is not relaxed or even aroused enough and get hurt as a result,if rarly ever because of the hymen breaking.The point is "Bleeding doesn't indicate if the woman is a virgin or not"only 30 percent bleed during first time sex According to Bristish medical Journal,as also noted by (Amanda brook consultant MD) IF A GIRL DOES NT BLEED IN FIRST TIME SEX Doesn't Mean she is not a virgin. mother of the groom and bride collections in vintage style
Research by Joseph Ikuru sociologist in human Resources.