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The Microchip Implant: NEVER Accept it Under No Conditions!!

I have been putting out articles on the microchip implant because of its relationship to Bible prophecy where in the Book of Revelation the Apostle John writes about a coming one world religion and one world economic system headed by the False Prophet and the Antichrist. In the near, very near, future you will not be able to buy or sell without what is called the mark of the beast which is a microchip implant.

This is an article about the coming microchip.

Health Care Bill Promotes Microchip
In the last few years there has been quantum acceleration in mark of the beast technology. In addition there have been
numerous announcements regarding the intention to use it by the elite to control the masses. In 2008, a meeting of the world's most powerful men and women, called the Bilderberg Group gave the order to microchip the U.S. population. The Health Care Bill has admittedly vague language that calls for every person to receive the microchip. It may begin with what is called a Medchip; Constitutional Attorney's such as John Whitehead and other legal experts believe the legal language opens the door for the microchipping of the U.S. population. These government groups have set dates before and have missed them. The supposed target date is 2015, where all babies in the U.S. will have to be microchipped at birth. There is steady increase in the use of microchips, biochips and RFID transmitters. Schools throughout the U.S. California, Texas and the U.K. are now tracking young students with RFID tags. In the U.S. "stimulus" money was used to finance the tracking systems.
Vice President Joe Biden makes the following statement to Chief Justice John Roberts during Roberts' confirmation hearing:"Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement? There is actual discussion about that.You will rule on that, mark my words, before your [lifetime] tenure is over. Can brain scans be used to determine whether a person is inclined toward criminality or violent behavior? You will rule on that."
India's Major National ID Project
India is assigning a unique 12-digit number to each of its 1.2 billion people. The Indian government will collect fingerprint and iris scans from all residents and store them in a massive central database of unique IDs. The Indian ID project is considered the most technologically and logistically complex national identification effort ever attempted. India has recruited
tech gurus of Indian origin from around the world, including the co-founder of online photo service Snapfish and employees
from Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Intel Corp. The Indian government maintains that this will give Indians cashless access to banking services. But, Civil Liberties Groups say that the Indian government is collecting too much personal information. India is clearly on a fast track to an RFID ID either in an implant or card. A citizen of India will not be able to buy or sell without this ID.
Sounds like right out of the Book of Revelation where the Apostle John say's, "no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark of the beast." Revelation 13:17. Clearly India is an expert. If you can ID 1.2 billion people than you can ID any
nation on earth and then every person on earth.
India hopes to issue 600 million ID numbers within four years. India's government came up with a plan to capture a mix of
biometric information--digital photos, fingerprints and iris scans--as well as names, addresses, genders and dates of birth;like the mark of the beast where you cannot buy or sell without receiving the mark. Passports, driver's licenses, ration cards and government health-insurance cards could either have the numbers printed on them or embedded electronically.
In a Western nation like the U.S. this mark of the beast program could be rolled out overnight. The prophetic warnings of the Apostle Paul are coming true before our very eyes.
Former congressman Ron Paul warned, "The National ID Card, RFID Chip and the Mark of the Beast is coming soon. In
Virginia and other States, "Mark of the Beast" legislation has been passed that forbids companies to force employees to
wear RFID microchips.
Mind Control
Microchip technology can be used for mind control. It can induce auditory and visual hallucinations create anxiety,
depression, passivity and aggression. During the Vietnam War U.S. soldier were given a Rambo Chip which could stimulate
the release of adrenaline in the soldier which made him almost super-human.
The creation of Cyborg soldiers has been going on for a long time. Cognitive and body enhancement through microchips or
biochips is already in place. Through a process called transhumanism, interspecies breeding between animal and man can produce super humans, especially when linked to biotech computers where DNA cells for biotech computers. DNA computer chips can be merged with microchip implants to enhance human behavior.
Hidden Dangers
But the dangers of the technology being used to control human beings remains hidden to the general public. Under an
initiative of former U.S. Senator John Glenn, discussions commenced in January 1997 about the dangers of radiating civilian populations. Targeting people's brain functions with electromagnetic fields and beams (from helicopters and airplanes, satellites, from parked vans, neighboring houses, telephone poles, electrical appliances, mobile phones, TV, radio, etc.) is part of the radiation problem that should be addressed in democratically elected government bodies.
The latest supercomputers are powerful enough to monitor the whole world's population through microchips and biochips.
What will happen when millions of Americans allow microchips into their bodies? One lure will be a microchip identity card.
Compulsory legislation has even been secretly proposed in the U.S. to criminalize removal of an ID implant.
Brave New World
We not live in a Brave New World where science fiction has become true. The Russian scientist Pavolv who was the father
of conditioning, B.F. Skinner who advocated controlling all of society through Behavior Modification, the CIA MKULTRA
Program, drugs and implants have been used on humans since World War I. God created men and women to be free
individuals and his original model for the human race was the Garden of Eden.
Lucifer wants total control over the human race and when a people reject God, they place themselves under the rule of
humanism which always produces deaths and dictatorships. When a nation serves the Lord they are free. The warnings
God gave in the account of the Tower of Babel of the danger of global government, the prophetic warning of the Apostle
Paul about the coming Antichrist and the Apostle John's detailed account of a one world government ruled by the Antichrist and one world economic system ruled by the False Prophet are not written for our entertainment. We are living in the last days!
Kept Secret From Public
Most of this technology is kept secret form the public. It is very peculiar that the psychiatric Diagnostic Manual IV
published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is in 18 languages. If you go to a psychiatrist and tell him or her
you think you have a microchip implant or that you have been experimented on, you must according to the manual be
diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. Yet, a number of psychiatrists have uncovered evidence of mind control in their
patients. After writing Are You Ready for the Microchip? I have been approached by soldiers who have told me they have
received a microchip implant and soldiers who believe they are being experimented on.
I do not claim to be a psychiatrist and I have met people who have schizophrenia or demon possession. But, I have also
met individuals who may appear to be crazy as they talk about microchips, but as you listen carefully there seems to be
a certain credibility to their stories. From my research I suspect that there are a significant number of people who have been given a microchip.
Intelligence agencies and the military from around the world are using microchips as a silent war of mind control against
individuals and populations. In Revelation 21:8 it talks about sorcerers having their part in the lake of fire and brimstone."
The traditional interpretation of the word sorcery comes from the word pharmakeia which is related to the modern word
pharmacy and deals with drugs. But I think the word sorcery must be understood in the light of new mind control
technology such as the chip which can powerfully alter brain chemistry and produce drug-like results. All of this technology
has to be understood on the context of what the Book of Revelation teaches about a mark, Antichrist, False Prophet, one world government and one world economic system.
A Wake Up Call
This is not a game! It is a wakeup call to God's people to engage in the level of spiritual warfare that the Apostle Paul
talked about int Ephesians. It is a call to use our spiritual weapons such as prayer (especially the Rosary, the Divine
Mercy Chaplet and the Crusade Prayers) and invoke the intercession of Our Lady who is our Advocate. We need to ask
the Eternal Father to pour out His Great Mercy and Love on the world. And we need to remember that we have been called to this battle in this time, and in this way. It is in sufferings, humility and prayer that the Victory of Heaven will come.
International Monetary Fund Released a Report on a Replacement for the Dollar
The International Monetary Fund released a report in February on a replacement for the U.S. dollar as the world's
reserve currency. We have been warning you for a number of years that the elite have planned to destroy the dollar in order
to create a one world currency.
The IMF stated that Special Drawing Rights, SDR's could help stabilize the global financial system. SDR's are special
claims on various currencies by members of the IMF, which was created in 1969. An SDR would not be a normal currency
like the dollar, euro, pound or yen, but it would function as a global currency and would act as a new global currency,
which would replace the dollar as the world currency.
This is a new globalist fiat world currency which would ultimately destroy the dollar and set up a one world economic system.A one world economic system is necessary in order to establish a one world government.
The microchip's number
The microchip that is supposed to be the "chip" used for worldwide control is one sixth the size of a grain of rice and can carry 650,000 pages of information. It will replace all money, all forms of ID including your drivers license, all your credit cards, all your health cards and ID's, your social security card (commonly referred by government officials as your tracking number) and all other important information. In other words, your entire life will be included in this chip. It can only be inserted in the wrist or the forehead. No where else in the body. They will claim it will not work in any other area of the body. It will have the numbers 666 embedded in it. Once taken, it can not be taken out because it will have the ability to control your thoughts even to including forcing you to worship the Antichrist as god. Again, once taken you have made your final decision and you can never take it out! Your decision to take it will be final! You will not be allowed to operate in society without it and eventually they will know who does not have it and will then arrest you and exterminate you as an enemy of the state. That is, being against the new paradise that they will be building under the direction of the Antichrist. Just as they did in Germany under Hitler and in Russia under Stalin. You were declared an enemy of the state and the people if you refused to go along with the so called paradise they were building. In fact, both Hitler and Stalin were considered to be prophets of the coming Antichrist as they were perfectly possessed by a very powerful demon. The Antichrist will be perfectly possessed by Lucifer,that is Satan himself, so he will be thousands of times more evil. In fact, this evil will be the worst the world will ever experience and will ever experience. mature bridal wear for older women over 40/50
The Book of Revelation
Chapter 13
Verses 11 through 18
The Second Beast
Then I saw another beast come up out of the earth; it had two horns like a lamb's but spoke like a dragon. It wielded all the
authority of the first beast in its sight and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound
had been healed. It performed great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in the sight of everyone. It
deceived the inhabitants of the earth with the signs it was allowed to perform in the sight of the first beast, telling them to
make image for the beast who had been wounded by the sword and revived. It was then permitted to breathe life into the beast's image, so that the beast's image could speak and [could] have anyone who did not worship it put to death. It forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast's name or the number that stood for its name.
Wisdom is needed here; one who understands can calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a person. His number is six hundred and sixty-six.
Written and researched by my friend "John"