long sleeved evening party wears

Dust off the aching parts inside your heart, and let yourself fall down and reach inside and untie the knots. Untie those self imposed bonds you wove so long ago. Breathe in the serenity you've called upon. And remind yourself breathing is a part of living, as long as your two legs are touching ground. long sleeved evening party wears

Untie your heart strings from the shoes of yesterday's steps. Then double knot their strings together, so they can not chase after you.

Nor come stumbling back your way~

Shake free from any pain and just move on.
Then find your smile, let go, and let yourself be free.

Allow yourself; run to crested shorelines, and kiss the tides of the salty sea calming your clumsy pulse and sometimes flippant thoughts.

Stretch your legs like a prideful little boy before a game of tag.

And Run!

Run through sun soaked golden fields where the night's sky hints itself the perfect shade of purple transitioning into darkness. Where the stars shine like dressed up gems about to let you decode the mysterious secrets they hold.

Where Everything becomes clear~

And wild. And Nameless.

Like a wide eyed child that's never seen a map or a compass. Paint the walls of your newly hollowed ribcage, so the sounds of your heart can echo against your bones. No longer held back by the stitches or make shift ties.

Here there's even more room to grow.
? ? ?