ivory and beige prom party wears

Never imagined this day will come so soon...We have our first wedding in our Maatram family and each one of us are super excited and looking forward to the big day. Four years back we had a young girl Vidya (Name changed) the eldest amongst 3 daughters who approached our foundation to get her younger sister admitted to college. During the interview, we got to know that Vidya lost her father when she was in 3rd year of college and she struggled hard to finish her engineering. With brilliant scores, she had completed her Engineering from Govt. Engineering College, Salem but unfortunately couldnt find placement in a good company. After her sister's admission, I asked her "What do you want to do" and she said " I will be happy if I can work for an IT company like this". Vidya was so full of confidence and I was very sure that she will clear any interview if given an opportunity. We had put up her name for two interviews and she cleared both with ease. She picked up an offer of her choice and in the last 3 years its lovely to see the family bloom after the tragic loss of their father who was the breadwinner in their family. Vidya is officially our first candidate placed from Maatram foundation even though she didnt study with us. Every year all three sisters will volunteer without fail when interview candidates for admission into colleges. While the youngest sister is pursuing final year Civil Engineering, the second sister is working for a company in Chennai, Vidya rented a house and brought her mother to Chennai last year from their ancestral village to esnure they stay as a family. I had recently visited Vidya's company for a guest lecture and was super proud to see her doing so well in her professional career and was getting great feedback on her work. Vidya is now getting married to a man of her choice - a young, dashing hero in the last week of January 2018 and we are all excited about the first wedding in our Maatram family. Have to be honest - None of our friends who started this foundation 5 years back even in our wildest dreams thought we will enjoy moments like this and its simply God's grace and all your godo wishes. Please keep this lovely couple in your prayers and wish them the very best. ivory and beige prom party wears # Weddingbells # Maatramfoundation