green evening dresses

Excerpt from “40 Feet Off the Ground!” Kavya was helping Sreya deck on a bluish green saree dotted with black sequins. Sreya had treated, washed and blow-dried her hair. She was wearing it loose and it fell down her shoulder and curled a bit at the bottom. For a change, she loved the way her hair looked now. She was wearing matching accessories and makeup. Her bright eyes were made even brighter with elaborate eye makeup. “There you go! All done. Wow! You look stunning!” exclaimed Kavya. Sreya smiled. She was pleased to hear that. Compliments do tend to make a person look even better.Kavya had opted to wear a yellow saree. Her fair complexion allowed her to carry that color off with ease. She was wearing heavy accessories. And her face was made up perfectly. “So much effort for Vishal! I hope that guy realizes how lucky he is!” continued Kavya.“What? Don’t be stupid! It’s not for Vishal. I just want to look good for our ethnic day!” said Sreya.“Really? Try saying that without blushing and maybe I will believe you.” teased Kavya.“But too bad he is on leave today. He will be missing out on so much!” Sreya’s face fell. Disappointment engulfed her.“Oh! I didn’t know that. Are you sure he is not coming?” Kavya grinned impishly.It finally dawned on Sreya. “You dog!”“Ha ha… now we both know whom you are dressing up so much for!” teased Kavya. Sreya looked sheepish. green evening dresses #Free on #KindleUnlimited #fiction #amazon #bestseller #contemporaryromance #romance #kdpunlimited #kdp #free#indie #40feetofftheground #romancenovel Download on Amazon: Blurb : It was love at first sight for Sreya and Vishal. However, Sreya is tormented by demons from her past. And she turns down Vishal, the college heartthrob. Will their intense chemistry triumph over her dark past?Kavya falls desperately in love with Aadhi. Aadhi loves Kavya too, but only on his own terms. Things then start to go incredibly wrong. Will their love succeed?Anand and Priya are quiz partners, project partners and great friends. But is there more than what meets the eye? Are they secretly in love with each other?Join the fun loving group of close-knit friends, studying in an Engineering college, having the time of their life while following their passions and dreams!Author page: Website –