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Lol, I had to address this since I've been hearing about my people being cheated on literally, since I woke up. I will condense this to laments terms because some are thrown off by signs (you're so close minded). Anyway, I told y'all that people were going to be tripping or coming back during Mercury's retrograde and that's astronomy not astrology. If they cheated don't ask me what I think if you don't want my truth. Forget that, I'm going to say it the way I know how. Leave his ass if he's emotionally draining although it may hurt, I know. If you need to, get in the shower and cry that crap out! Do not wait on anyone to make up their mind about you, he doesn't want you. You are allowed to cry male or female and let no one tell you differently. Especially if you are a woman, you are allowed to cry you're the Divine feminine and stop trying to be hard like a man then you wonder why they call us bro. I'm not about to drag this on, we've all been hurt that's life, cheated on that's life, lied to that's life, and talked about get use to it. If you're a woman do not chase a man! You can tell him you love him, pray for him, and keep it pushing pregnant or not because you don't want him to want you just because you're pregnant especially if he already has different baby mom's hell I'm sure they wanted the same thing. Look I'm a sun fire sign and if you know anything about us is that we're very loyal to those we love and territorial, not jealous. Most Leo's you will find rarely gather all of our friends together because we don't want the friend vs. friend thing. However, we are very sensitive as well all fire signs are. Last tip for you women and this is coming from a child of a SAGITTARIUS man of the cloth. He even admitted that he's flirtatious and a sex fiend(not in those exact words lol). Anyway, a SAGITTARIUS man is the most sexual, flirtatious, and cunning man you may come across, it's like it's his 2nd nature so just expect to be cheated on, he likes sexy skirts or if you're not attractive he will use you, I know this may hurt but it's true,(of course he can decide not to) An Aries man goes from hot to cold real quick, they have a playful energy but when that ram gets upset prepare for the devil which represents deceit, lies, and treachery. A Leo man is overprotective almost obsessive to a point unlike the Sag whom that song, IT AIN'T NOTHING TO CUT A BITCH OFF, is their motto. Be very skeptical of those Divine masculine fire signs because they teach you about the fire women. Leo women will fight you for you if they're in love with you only if they think you're being disloyal and you put another woman besides your mom above us, hell naw dueces. If we cry it's like the calm before the storm because as we're crying you'd better believe unless God steps in we're thinking of revenge. Bottom line, no matter the sign and stop thinking Scorpios are the biggest cheaters, they're water so inside very emotional. I'm ending this because some of you don't read and you actually think this 5min is long like a Gemini, no shade. Empire is coming on so I hope I helped someone and always remember without self-love you can't love anyone. Oh if you're a Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn earth sign in sun, don't come for me, I don't want you because we don't mesh, boy bye. Peace, Power, and continue to love even those who hurt you, God does it for us. Smooches formal prom party dresses With long sleeve that look sexy