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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - It certainly is and I think that was a film if anybody remembers.

Anway as I am about to experience my second Saturn return with my Saturn at 1 degree of Capricorn it is fair to say I am feeling weird!

And what can be weirder than to discover Kim Jun Un is a 8 January 1983 birth - same as Elvis I believe and many musicians. A Pig in Chinese astrology who seek ambitious climbs to fame but usually seeking material gain. A lust for power through knowledge for sure, and that is what he desires most that he is seen to "understand" the ways of the world. Mmm....

And the irony is Trump 14 June 1946 a Gemini, with Leo rising, Dog in Chinese Astrology seeks power through attention - not a surprise - but Dog's are altruistic and like to give and share their knowledge and with Leo Rising he has this ability to make people believe in his "higher power!" Kim and Trump could be bestest friends on Earth if Kim sought money and power and how to make it, rather than the 8th energy of destruction. Trump would love to take him aside and help him become business man of the year because that is what gives him the biggest thrill. So watch this crazy space to see what happens next. formal items in navy blue

WELL, anyway enough about them and more about the astrological aspects and how they might affect you.

Mercury deals with all aspects of communication and for each and every one of us, right now, we can feel that we have something very important to say. Saturn's influence demands attention and we can feel that matters are serious and require attention, but never forget Saturn has a sense of humour, all of its own. So this message really is say your piece, be in your TRUTH, but do remember it might not be somebody else's truth!

Mercury is travelling through Sagittarius at the moment so Sagis can especially feel that they must do and say their bit. But Mercury will enter Capricorn and then move retrograde on the Full Moon on 3rd December in Gemini. This means it will travel backwards through Sagi, giving you more time to make decisions that last!

For Geminis it can feel it has been a long time coming in whatever aspect that affects you. L;OOK at where Gemini house sits in your chart and where its ruler, Mercury is also by house and sign. This will show you exactly what is going on because really through this Full Moon you can as a Gemini, Virgo, and Sagi, Capricorn decide what it is you wish to release from your life, in order to find stability, security and balance.

The Gemini Full Moon favours contemplation through mediation rather than meditation, however, consideration will go a long way to finding the best place, partnership and career opportunities, when you truly feel it in the heart.

Aries are dealing with Uranus in opposition to Mars which can force events to happen as if in slow motion right in front of you, but through this Full Moon you can accelarate into a whole new reality Aries, if you watch the signs as they arrive.

Taureans are still hiding away but will be empowered by Saturn's return to its own sign on 20th December and are building a new plan as we speak.

Leo is breaking free from its alter ego in order to truly redefine its passion over this Christmas period. The Gem Full Moon on Sunday could begin this process by our Leo friends standing up and say exactly what they mean. NO HOLDS BARRED!

Cancer has a long way to go yet, but they are reinforcing their home ground and keeping it real for the next two months. They have all the ammunition they need to get ahead with power this time, in a way they cannot quite believe. Energy is coming to them, because they need it to complete their mission!

Virgo is utterly in line with its own cautious nature through this Full Moon. Mercury as its ruler, along with Chiron, urge Virgos everywhere to find the balance between work and health. Too much pressure can can slow down in the wrong places, but the Universe brings a very special Christmas Present this year.

Libra holds the key to many hearts throughout this coming weekend. If you stay in the background you could well miss a powerful opportunity to change something that really only requires a tweek, don't give away your secrets and watch the world bring you exactly what you require!

Scorpio you are simply following a new plan and it feels good. And if it doesn't then what are you missing?

Capricorn get ready for a shift!

Aquarius has everything to hand, knowledge and wisdom, just wait for that moment!

Pisces longing to find that soul mate or spiritual career now have to go up or out into the world of form to make new connections. Take it easy because you are being asked to work a lot harder than most. A sacrifice possibly, but it will make sense later rather than sooner.

MAGIC is within each and everyone of us and this is a time of WISHES!

Much love and grace and JOY for this special month.
Elizabeth ephetaa ain soph EXTOL amen xxxxxxx