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Gabi's Diary
Episode 15
I laid on the bed while Sucex sat beside me. " So you also have emotions?" He asked while I smiled a bit. " Of course I do, i am human" I said to him. " But she was too forward, how do you resolve this now?" He asked again. " Dont worry bro, I will take care of it" I said as I took my phone from the other side of the bed, I texted her back telling her it was just a prank and that I was sorry, I actually had to swallow my pride to do that. I never knew my texting her back was the beginning of my embarrassment, she started mocking me and even threatening to breakup with me if I tried any rubbish, it was a very emotional moment for me that night as I forced myself not to cry seeing a girl toying with me. " She is really harsh" Sucex said after we had resolved everything, he was actually typing the messages with me. " Dont worry bro, breakup she want and she will surely get one day" I said to him although I had no intention of breaking up, I only wanted to sound brave. I didn't read again that night, I was so down to read so I simply slept off. Sucex also could not read because there was no one to read with him, he also slept off. I woke up the next morning felling more better, my so called girlfriend called me that morning again, not to greet me but to still mock me. I did my preparation and before eight I was out of the house with my room mate, we were heading to school. Joy wasn't In school that day, like stated earlier she went to see her parents, so my front seat was free for anyone to seat on, soon enough, the most beautiful girl in our department, also a Benin girl came to stay with me, she is fair, of average height and lively, we are actually friends but we rarely talk because I was rarely seen after school dismiss. " Mr physics" she greeted me touching my hand with her cool , soft hand, she has a well trimmed natural long nail. " How far now?" I asked adjusting for her to seat. " Why is your girlfriend not in school today?" She asked me, I knew she was referring to Joy. " She isn't around, and moreover she isn't my girlfriend" I said. " Wait, you mean you guys aren't dating?" She asked while I nodded. " Then who is your girlfriend? I know you must surely have a girlfriend " she said, I then decided to play naughty. " Yeah, but my girlfriend isn't aware that I have feelings for her" I said while she laughed to reveal her open teeth. " Is she in our department?" Annora asked again, Annora is her name. " Yeah she is" I said. " Please tell me, what does her name begin with?" She asked again while I smiled. " Her name starts with an A and end with an a" I said while Annora started guessing the person. " Her name also have two N In it" I said while she bursted into laughter, " You aren't serious, nonsense boy, you know I thought you were just a book worm, I never knew you were this lively." Annora said as she hit me playfully. " But am I really your girlfriend?" She asked again after a while. " Yeah you are a girl, and you are my friend, you are my girlfriend" I tried and we went into another round of laughter. first communion flower girl collections
===> Joy came back home that same day, she was looking more beautiful because she was putting on a weavon, she called me privately into her room that night, she said she had something to tell me. " So what is it?" I asked as I was searching her fridge in case she has malt. " During my stay back home, I met this guy" she started, I stood at the same spot and the thirst for malt quickly vanished, I drew a chair and sat close to her. " He said he wanna build a relationship with me, but I told him I will think about it. Do you think I should go with him?" She asked me with a kind of eye, I actually wanted to tell her no but I decided against it, everyone got their life to live." Do you like him?" I asked silently, suddenly feeling depressed. " I like him as a friend" she replied. " Then try him" I said as I got up from the chair. " Gabi, are you sure you are telling me your mind?" She asked while I nodded and went out, I was actually Jealous but I have no intention of stopping her, that was how Joy got her boyfriend whom she broke up with the same month I broke up with my girlfriend, that was on August 2017.
I was sleeping one evening, around 7pm, I actually started the sleep since around 4pm in the evening, that was how I do sleep so as to wake up and read at night. During the sleep, I kept on hearing love music in reality. The Sucex I know doesn't play love music, he actually like Gospel music. I stretched myself lazily on the bed as I searched for my phone, I thought it was my phone playing the music. I saw my phone under the pillow and it wasn't. I then opened my eyes and saw Sucex shivering on his bed, It was his phone that was actually playing those love songs. " My good God, are you okay? " I asked as sleep vanished from me immediately, my bro was shivering seriously. " Gabb, please help me" he said still shivering, his lower and upper teeth were hitting each other, I held his hand but he was running a normal temperature. " Sucex please what is it?" I asked as I headed to the kitchen to boil water for him to bath. " Gabriel, Nike as broken up with me o" he said as he suddenly bursted into tears, I bursted into laughter, I even started dancing to the love music he was playing.
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