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//Looking for someone to be a long term roleplay partner. Supernatural type Roleplay with modern elements. Please be literate and able to do at least two paragraphs, mostly because I'm needing to sharpen up my skills. Your character can be anything along to a mercenary, assassin, hunter, or someone who is in dire need of help. Hell if you can come up with another role then let me know.

Behemoth, the name of the nightclub that unquestionably ruled over the downtown district. It was a massive hit with the young crowd and then some. The drinks and party atmosphere we're only the tip of the iceberg in this place and nothing should ever be taken at face value. It's said that a demon by the name of King owns and runs the club, wielding much more than financial power. With his shadow he covers most of the city and it's underground. But recently he had been acting out in bolder fashion and drew a bit more attention from the outside world than needed. evening party wears online

Tonight, a blood red mood was in the night sky. A line that went around the block formed as people waited to get inside. It was looking to be a packed house tonight. Inside, multi layered dance floors made up the center of the building with a long bar to the side and a large seating area on the opposite end. The second floor meant for VIP seating that gave full view of the dance floor, bar, and entrance. However, the 'mam' himself sat in a blatantly obvious throne at the head of the dance floors.

He was a massive being, looking like a man who perhaps a few too many roids as his build dwarfed even the largest of men. He leaned to the side of his throne with his head resting against his armor clad fist. All sorts of tattoos marked his body as he watched his patrons eat, drink, and dance away. More money for him. But to any one with damn sharp instincts could tell something felt off. Looking at the man they would get a feeling as if he didn't actually belong there. Like he was a figure head, and the power truly rested elsewhere.

But, that was only to the sharpest of individuals, as damn near everyone here regarded the demon in the throne as King, and instead paid no mind to a certain gentleman in the far corner on the first floor seating who was drinking up a storm and being loud as can be. Standing by him was a strangely dressed man with a white mask to cover his face. And though the blonde haired individual was being loud, no one seemed to stop him or bother him. In fact, he was surrounded by a crowd of people as he told these outlandish stories that couldn't possibly be true.