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So upset and disappointed with Carnival. Sailed on Carnival Paradise out of Tampa, FL Thanksgiving week. Had planned this cruise well over six months ago. It was our Friends and Family Thanksgiving Cruise! This was my third time on the Paradise and I'm currently a Gold VIFP member. We like to take the Paradise when we can for the sheer convenience. We live very close to the port of Tampa. I plan these cruises and get others to book as well. Why do I cruise with Carnival? I cruise with Carnival because of the fun and enjoyment and the customer service. I am also trying to reach a higher VIFP status. This all changed with this last sailing. My cousin who flew in from NY, and purchased the FTTF was told that her room wasn't ready because they shampooed her carpet and it needed more time drying. No problem! Later she is told her room is ready. The carpet was still wet and the room smelled like sewage. Oh, did I mention that we were supposed to set sail at 4 pm but were told that there was unexpected traffic in port so we were delayed? So the manager(s) offer to put new carpet in her room. There were no other available rooms to move her to on this sailing. The hallway (Empress Deck 7) smelled of sewage! My cousin suffers with horrible allergies and has problems with asthma. The ladies in the room next to hers commented that their room smelled like 'diarrhea' and asked if their carpet would be replaced as well. Answer from Manager, "We don't know. We must evaluate." I was there. I heard it. Worse of all, I smelled it! Meanwhile, the time is 6 pm and the ship is still in port. Gee, I wonder why? I suspect the broken pipe(s). Could it be? My cousin and the ladies in the room next to her felt they had no option but to get off the ship rather than risk their health and well being. The staff were less than apologetic or sympathetic. NEVER IN MY LIFE WOULD I HAVE EXPECTED SUCH TREATMENT FROM CARNIVAL. Right after these parties (two cabins) left the ship we sailed. Coincidence? Later that night the remainder of our party gathered for dinner. Some were in tears. This was the only time this year we were going to see our family member. The family member had to take a cab back to the airport and find a flight back to NY. The kicker? Carnival IS NOT REFUNDING ONE PENNY OF HER CRUISE! My cousin even asked the manager, "would you have your mother stay in that room with that smell?" Unbelievable! Truly unbelievable. It's taken me over a week to even find the words to write this. My husband and I did go to the on board customer service deck to file a complaint. We were told that he didn't know what to put in the computer. My husband did end up talking to a manager but was told that we need to contact Carnival when the trip was over. So much for being brand loyal. Did I mention that my cousin just sailed on Cunard (Carnival owned) this past July? I've been trying to sail on Carnival at least twice per year because I've enjoyed it so much. Unless Carnival reaches out and makes things right FORGET IT. To end this I will tell you that when we left the ship we were lined up in the hallway on the Empress Deck (7). The smell was still there! Fellow passengers were commenting. The bottom line is that Carnival knew about this issue! I've heard about another Paradise sailing in October 2017 where there were also complaints of sewage smells on the Empress Deck! I realize the ship is older and way overdue for a refurb but this is unbelievable! No refund! No apology! No sympathy! If you wish to reach out to me here is my booking number from my Thanksgiving cruise 5PZ8V9. My husband has already called Corporate and is awaiting a response. designer collections for wedding in short