celebrity pageant wears

If you are not in the pageant world you will not appreciate this post so please just keep scrolling. Its very long! ;) If you are a competative person you can appreciate the basis of the post though!
After the experience today and prior issues we have come across in the pageant world, this advice below should be the bible and the basis for every JUDGE AND DIRECTOR to start at. We love being involved in all aspects of pageantry and are very well versed in all aspects of it so when a "judge" tells me that at the state level of their pageant system they like "made to match" shoes and white socks on the younger girls it really bothers me.
If I feel that someone is been "judged" unfairly then I will speak my mind. I dont care who it involves. If I feel as though things aren't ran as they should be, I will speak my mind. Starting an hour late is unacceptable!!! I DO NOT think that judges should be hanging out with the director while registration is taking place. A director who gets defensive when they are questioned about their judges criteria throws up major red flags to me.

The advice below is taken from someone from a pageant advice page I follow and I completely agree with every piece of advice she is giving!

I want to put this as nicely as possible but I’m going to give some real but blunt advice that will save you time and money !
A. No Chinese dresses ! Not even J Wu or Janice Jackie . All of the Chinese designers steal designs that someone paid good money for it and they absolutely will not stand up . You will have some mom pipe up and swear hers wins all the time! If it is winning it is only against other China dresses! They are poorly made and I’ll fitting and look cheap. For the same price you can find a nice used dress but check the beware boards first to make sure you are not doing business with a scammer ! Always check the beware boards first !!
B. You need good pictures !!! A retouched snap shot will never ever win ! They look awful and are throwing money down the drain. If a mom says hers win all the time it is because no one else is renters or they are all bad! Natural pics do not have to cost a fortune . I have seen very well done ones even from picture people that do well . Keep in mind not everyone who calls themselves a pro photographer is . Just because you have a pro camera doesn’t make you a pro ! Glitz pictures absolutely need to be shot with a Glitz photographer ! They will not win otherwise and are a waste of money !!! You need the hair and make up , the experienced glitz photographer and their retoucher to have a good glitz pic . Also there are less than 5 retouchers I would even recommend and most of them wouldn’t touch a snap shot ! Even people that are just charging $1 that is a $1 wasted ! I have seen some awful ones lately that look like someone used the make up celebrity pageant wears
Wow app or something !!
C. Get a coach ! There are coaches at every price point . There are coaches who do video routines if you can’t afford regular coaching at least do that and practice a lot with your child !
D. Cupcake dresses no matter the color need matte white leather shoes and small ruffle socks .
E. If you are doing glitz you need a hair and make up artist . If you are doing natural
Unless you know what you are doing you need a hair and make up artist ! Ask for pics of their work and references ! I do hair and make up but natural to semi glitz only !!!! I know my limitations and when my daughter does glitz I hire someone!!!! I have seen too many random people think selling Mary Kay or Younique all of a sudden qualifies them to do pageant hair and make up!

I think that mostly covers it!

Brand new moms and moms who swear by china dresses and badly retouched snap
Shots please refrain from giving advice ! I have seen so much bad advice on here by people that have no clue what they are doing that I cringe ! Consider the source when receiving answers ! Now everyone have a great weekend and Happy pageanting !!!!