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Alright, I am going to try to keep this as short as I possibly can, but I did end up with nearly three pages of material. Here goes.
-2 Minutes- There was a caption on the screen that read, "Scott's own relatives believe he killed Laci...."This statement was misleading for a couple of reasons. First, none of Scott's relatives said he was guilty at the time of Laci's disappearance or his trial. His half sister, Anne Byrd, now says she thinks he's guilty. Oh, and she's written a book, and shockingly, none of the profits from the book have been donated to charity. I guess she found out a book about his innocence written by his sister wouldn't sell as well as one that said he was guilty.

-6 minutes- This isn't really a lie, just absurd. Brochini was talking about the bed being neatly made but there was a "suspicious spot" at the end of the bed where it looked like someone had sat there.... Laci was 8 months pregnant. Is it so ridiculous to think that maybe she sat down on the bed to maybe tie her tennis shoes to go walking the dog?

-6 minutes- There is a shot of the blue tarp.... They said that Scott wrapped Laci in that blue tarp and used it to conceal her body in the bed of his truck and in the boat. There was nothing suspicious found on that tarp. It wasn't wet, and there was no forensic evidence on it. If a body had been wrapped in that tarp for at least twelve hours, there would be hair, saliva, dead skin, etc... There was nothing, and there wasn't a blue tarp found anywhere in San Francisco bay when they combed it looking for the body.

-10 minutes- They show that video of Scott giving his statement the night Laci disappeared. Everything Scott said in that interview, with the exception of his answer to the question about marital problems, was proven to be factual. Every single thing.

-13 minutes- They mentioned Scott agreed to take a polygraph and then refused... Scott's father told him not to take a polygraph. Polygraphs measure pulse rate, heart rate, and other physiological symptoms to determine whether or not someone is being truthful. If a man's wife is missing, and he is being interrogated by police, his heart rate isn't going to be like it is if he's just sitting on his back porch having a beer with a buddy. Polygraphs are inadmissible in court, so passing it would do nothing to help Scott. But failing it would cause all eyes to immediately turn to him.

-23 minutes- They were talking about how Scott didn't want to be photographed... US Representative Gary Condit (D-CA) represented the congressional district that includes Modesto. In the Summer of 2001, the biggest story in the country was that of the disappearance of Chandra Levy, one of Gary Condit's interns. During the investigation, it came out that Condit and Levy were having an affair. Once that became public knowledge, everything about the deal became a circus, and the search for Chandra Levy ceased. The story dominated the news cycle during the summer of 2001 and was still being discussed frequently all the way up until 8:45am EST on September 11, 2001. Scott was worried that if news of his affair with Amber broke, people would stop searching for Laci, which is exactly what happened. Plus, the guy didn't want people to know he was having an affair. That is not all that uncommon. I know a lot of guys who lied about having an affair who did not commit a single murder. This notion of "he's a pathological liar, so he must've done it," is so foreign to me. If lying made one capable of murder, then Hillary Clinton would be a serial killer.... Oh wait... ;)

-24 minutes- They showed pictures of Scott's truck and told his alibi in a nationally televised press conference just a few days after the disappearance. They said they did this to corroborate his story since he wouldn't take a polygraph. That is ludacris. They did it to start planting seeds of suspicion in the minds of the public because they knew they had absolute no evidence, so the only way to convict him would be to convict him in the court of public opinion before he was ever even arrested. Another thing, the doctor who calculated the age of Connor at the time of his death used a formula invented by a Dr. Phillipe Jeanty. He concluded that the baby died on 12/24. Well, the appellate attorneys sent that doctor's work to Dr. Jeanty, himself, and Dr. Jeanty said they didn't use the formula correctly. They only measured one bone, when they were supposed to measure three, humerus, tibia, and fibula. He only measured one, so his calculation as inaccurate. When Dr. Jeanty, himself, calculated Connor's age, he said he could've died as late as 1/9/03. That means Laci could've been alive on 1/9/03. Another thing to indicate that Laci was alive past 12/24 was her toxicology report revealed cafffeine in her system. All of her friends and family testified that she wasn't drinking caffeine during her pregnancy. If Scott killed her at home, there would've been no reason for her to have it in her system. A logical theory for the caffeine is she was kept alive by kidnappers, who only had caffeinated drinks to give her when she got thirsty.

-34 minutes- Scott did NOT call Amber everyday. That was a flat out lie. First, let's talk a little about Amber Frey. She's a single mom when she meets Scott Peterson, so she has already been burned by at least one man. She meets Scott on November 20, 2002. They go to a bar and have drinks before going to dinner. After dinner, the plan was to go see some band. Scott tells her that he wants to change clothes, so she tags along with him to his hotel room. When they get there, he breaks out champagne, roses and strawberries. The end up getting to know each other in the Biblical sense of the word. This is a man who she's known for less than 6 hours. After that, she tells her friends that she thinks she's found "the one". Stage 5 Clinger? After that, they see each other three more times. Scott tells her that he's hunting in Alaska, or visiting family in Kennebunkport or going to Paris to explain why he can't be with her. Between December 16-December 23, Amber called Scott 17 times. He tried returning he calls 9 times. Between the date of Laci's disappearance, 12/24, and the day that Amber learns Scott is the husband of the missing Modesto woman, Amber called Scott 24 times, and at one point, she had a friend call Scott for her and leave him a message to call her. Scott would return her calls, but he definitely wasn't calling her all the time. She was the one making the overwhelming majority of the calls. One more thing, Scott told Amber that he was going to be in Europe for the entire month of January on business and wouldn't be able to see her until he got back. If he was planning on killing his wife around Christmas because he wanted to be with Amber, then why would he tell her he can't see her for the entire month of January. After December 30, Amber knew the truth about Scott. She was working with Modesto police, recording the calls, trying to trap him. budget-saving wedding collection in vintage style

-35 minutes- They love to say Scott called while at a candlelight vigil... As I just stated, Amber was working with the police after 12/30. She knew about the vigil, so she called him around the time of it in an attempt to trap him. She called him at 3pm, and he returned her call at 4:20pm while en route to the vigil. He did not call her at the vigil. That is a baldfaced lie that they're telling trying to create the image that Scott doesn't care about Laci at all, something that could not have been further from the truth.

-47 minutes- I never curse on my facebook page. Never. But this part of the show was PURE BULLSHIT!! They talk about the 5 anchors and say that you can see in a photo where he'd made 5 anchors.... The photo ID used was not a good photo. I'm goin to post a video about it. Basically, there are no 5 rings, just a bunch of spilled concrete. The only thing the photos prove is that Scott is a slob. Scott said he made one anchor and put the rest of the cement in a hole in his driveway. All of this is covered in that video that I'm going to post.

-48 minutes- They said he was guilty because he was selling Laci's car which means he knew she wasn't coming home.... Scott sold both of their vehicles. He was being hounded by reporters and receiving death threats. Some idiot actually crashed their vehicle into his warehouse in an attempt to kill him. Same reason he was trying to sell the house. There was a shock jock camped outside of their house with a bullhorn screaming "MURDERER, LIAR, TELL THE TRUTH...." I'd sell my house too.

-58 minutes- They talk about how he was evading the police and driving erratically when they arrested him and all of the stuff in his car... He was being followed by unmarked cars, and he thought they were reporters. He was trying to evade them. He was supposed to go play golf with his brother and father at Torrey Pines that day and had his brother's driver's license because he would get a discount. He had just purchased the car, and the dagger that they found was wedged down between the seat and belonged to the previous owner, who testified to this at the trial. The cash was money that his mother had inadvertently withdrawn from his account. Her name was still on his checking account, and she went to the bank to close out an old account but didn't have the number. She thought she only had the one account at that bank, so when the teller told her the number, she said that was it. In fact, it was the checking account Scott had since high school and had never gotten his mother removed. She was giving him the money back.

-75 minutes- The pliars with Laci's hair were rusted together. They hadn't been used. Laci was Scott's wife. Her hair would've been all over his clothes, and she had been at the warehouse. It isn't strange at all for one of her hair to be in his warehouse.

-84 minutes- They talk about the cut being evidence he strangled her... Scott told police tha the had cut his hand on his toolbox on his truck. He said that they might find some of his blood on the interior of the door on his truck because he had gotten a napkin out of the inside of the door. Cops found a couple of drops of blood right where Scott said it would be.

There were a few more things, but those were the big ones. There is one more thing that I want to say. The police say that Scott killed Laci sometime in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, 2002, wrapped her in a tarp and put her in the bed of his truck. The sun rises around 6:30am in late December in that part of California, so Laci's body would've been in the bed of his truck that was sitting in his driveway for over three hours. Instead of getting rid of the evidence as quickly as possible, he searches the computer for scarves and umbrella stands, watches Martha Stewart, pours a bucket of mop water, and then gets in his truck and goes to his warehouse. His warehouse was too small for truck and boat to be in there at the same time. So the truck would have had to sit in the middle of a public parking lot with his wife's dead body in the bed in broad daylight. Meanwhile, he's sending "Merry Christmas" emails, assembling woodworking tools, and tidying up his office. Then he would've had to somehow get the body from the truck to the boat without being seen. Wouldn't it have made a lot more sense to dispose of her as soon as he killed her and use the cover of darkness to discover the body? He could've done the same thing he did that day. Laci wasn't even missed until Scott got home and said she was missing. I could go on about this forever, but I have to get some sleep. I appreciate your taking time to read my posts and welcome any and all intelligent and respectful feedback. If you disagree with me, I welcome that and will show the level of respect that is shown to me.