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(From The House Of YDA Lakki Marwat )


Fruitful meeting of YDA Lakki Marwat is carried with DHO lakki marwat for Doctors and patients problms.

YDA Lakki President, Dr M.Nisar from DHQ, Vice President Dr Ataurehman, Genral Secretory YDA dr Ishtiaq from city hospital, Press Secretory Dr Rafiq , Focal Persons YDA THQ Serai Naurang Dr Farooq and Dr Azhar participated in the meeting. Dr azad incharge THQ Naurang was also present.

Following points were agreed upon.

1. Duty roasters will be made in all hospital with concenses of MOs and will b signed by MS/Incharge.

2. Security issue for hospitals wil be discusses by DHO with newly appointed DPO.

3. In order to increase patient admission in THQ Serai Naurang, there will be 2 MOs per shift in emergency who will also be responsible to see for patients admitted by District Specilialist in Ward.

4. Residency issue of doctors in THQ Naurang is discussed and illegal occupations will be tackeld soon by DHO.

5. Eveing and night *on call* rule for district specialist will be decided after looking into rules as oer their appointment letters and DG health services rules and DHO will issue in written orders whether they are on call or not. DHO will do meeting with DC and diatrict specialist regarding this soon. bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve
(*this issue was raised bec of an inquiry into a death of surgery patient bieng referred to bannu with Surgeon being called but did not come)

6. Chain of command for referral of patients to DHQ lakki or Bannu or by patients *wish* will be given by DHO in written soon; till then the current referral ways are to be adopted to refer patients where it is feasible.

7. Incharge issue of THQ Naurang: DHO said that dr Azad is incharge and dr Khadim Hussain DMS to deal issues if he is not present.

8. There will be two OPDs. One is lower opd which will be run by MOs and one higher OPD to be run by district specialists. MO will refer patients to district specialist OPD if admission/opinion is needed.

9. Medicolegal cases in Naurang to assign them to SMOs is also discussed. this will b discussed with SMOs.

10. Study leave for exams will be given with proper application and documentation to incharge.

11. A list of emergency/ basic lifesaving medicine (attached below) is given to DHO to be made available as this creats manny issues between patients and on duty doctors. DHO said that these will b made availble soon.

11. DHO will soon arrange a party to all doctors. Dr Azad incharge THQ S/Naurang, is given this task.

12. Issue of dr ghulam farooq wife is also discussed in detail. She will be sanctioned required leave according to rules once application and all the required certificates reach DHO.

13. A followup meeting with DHO will be done after 2 weeks to follow above points.

14. YDA delegation and DHO agreed to solve problms in future through mutual coordination.

Doctors are requested to contact their local yda cabinet in case of any problem with them so as to be discussed with DHO sahib for its solution.
Yda belongs to u . Everyone is Ydaian. We believe in good environment for doctors community and patients.

(Dr M.Nisar
President YDA Lakki Marwat)