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Some conversations are like that... They take your hand, lead the way and you blindly follow... Wordlessly, it travels in invisible presence to you passes from the ears, eyes into the unopened realms of your mind...

Patting a memory, caressing a feeling, unwinding your very being.. touching it's warm fingers on the slippery brim of awareness... Shaking out all the words you've kept tightly closed away, crystal beads of noises all across the unravelled horizons of you..
Not missing even the slightest twitch of your eyelids, the crescent tear moons orphaned at the cheekbones, seeing every quiver of the corners of your lips, it grabs everything into huge snowball of reality, devoid of judgements, assessments, calculations, but a simply flowing present.., and crashes on to you.. Aren't there such conversations...? black color prom party wears in affordable price