DorrisWedding wedding wears in cream or beige

And the numbers are in. We are officially dating more online than we've ever been before. Finally Tinder, Facebook, Whisper whisk our wayward, wanton antics from out of the church pews, parks, nieces' speech days, shallow beach ends and on to our phone screens.

Not only have we gotten lazier, but we've gotten antisocial with stuff like vegan food and feminism. Lol. (Honestly kidding). Its gotten so bad we are literally blaming our loneliness on how much sun there is outside. And real physical intimacy has become such a drag we're fucking over the phone. So much so that even the telephone companies know it and give us these specialized, cheap late night deals so that our phone sex, Pornhub and sexting go unabated.

And if am making this sound all grim, surely isn't my intention. Am all for choices. The stats say that online dating has been a lot more successful than the norm. Not in terms of aiding longer lasting relationships, but by value of happiness and satisfaction. And in an age where people are searching less for the 'lived-happily-ever-after' and modern pressures pushing them into 'lived-happily-now', why not have that choice??
We must admit that we did a bad job handing out social fiscal responsibility in the past. Women are no longer the stay-at-home, baby making machines we perceived them as and men are a lot more fucked up than history could ever have predicted. And so the timing is just right for an overhaul of those ageless stereotypes. People should be able t do what they want, how they want it and enjoy being who they are doing it. And if that means actuality bonding with someone miles away, over the phone screen, wearing Mickey Mouse boxers and scratching your balls.. So be it. Its your choice. DorrisWedding wedding wears in cream or beige

I love it that we are in a world right now where we no longer have to debate why people would want to be gay and more confusingly trying to figure out what the fuck being pansexual, sapiosexual is. And as fate would have it, somebody online is those things. And if that sounds like something you identify yourself with, they are a few keywords away.

Nothing celebrates kinks more than the internet. You're on a page that celebrates the beauty of woodworking, next thing you know you've got an invitation to 'Women who love to get f**kd with their heels on.' And you think 'Yea, I can do that'. Only to somehow end up with a woman who sticks a finger up your ass whenever she's cumming and thinking, 'How the fuck did I get here?'

Internet love.