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Gibsons Family-
Sadly, next week will be my last two classes at Gibsons. I wanted to thank you for the past 6+ years of love, energy, passion for dancing, and the best fitfamily one could ask for. I started out when I was pregnant with my now 6 year old and the same people who I was dancing with then, I'm still dancing with now. You've become family which is why making this choice of leaving was so hard to do. My commute is now very long which is a lot of time, energy and sacrifice on my family.

You all have stuck with me through almost all the licenses a Zumba instructor could obtain, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step, Zumba Gold, Zumba Kids, Zumba and my new favorite STRONG by Zumba. You've smiled at me even if you didn't like it, you kept coming back no matter how challenged your workout got, and for that I thank you. I will miss the comraderie you have with each other (nothing beats the "me too" song), "Hump Day" will no longer be the same without you. Most of all I will miss my Goldies singing at the tops of their lungs every Friday morning. It was the best way to end my week with all of your amazing, beautiful and smiling faces that I will honestly miss so much. So please, come party with me one last time, Tuesday, November 28 at STRONG at 10:30AM and Zumba on Wednesday November 29 at 6:30PM. Let me know your favorite songs and I promise I will play them. Thank you for dancing with me every week, I will miss you so much! DorrisWedding chic wedding pieces with lace top