Dorris Wedding vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length

J&B medical truck ship Melanie diapers got them today finally got diapers yesterday at crossroad pregnancy center got 1 pack of size 5 now have extra I gave 8 diapers this morning to her teacher so now tomorrow ill send her a pack of diapers for her teacher this past Saturday night I ran out of diapers had to use the pull ups for Sunday and Monday then went to crossroads pregnancy center yesterday and got a pack of diapers and 1 packages of wipes cause J& B medical only supply me 2 package of wipes so I gave her teacher 1 package of wipes and last week I gave her a package of wipes so they don't run out also gave the teacher some pull ups on Monday just in case they run out of Melanie diapers only gave them some last week Melanie teacher said she has 3 poopy diapers a day in class 2 days she had no poopy diapers I do these cone enemas with Melanie every other day most of the time I get a good clean out but she still has the accidents at school next year when she turns 4 she going to have to get surgery so she can get a better clean out threw her stomach I did some reading with the rectum and cone going into her rectum and water and all its not giving her a good clean out with surgery and the tube in the stomach and everything she will get a better clean out and less accidents at school and not use so much diapers per day so that's what going to end up happening I even have to change her diapers at home so I say more then 3 per day home to so Melanie has her heart test Feb 9th and then other test for march that's why I want to wait on surgery till she turns 4 cause she might need surgery on her heart or her foot so waiting to see what happens with the heart test and the bladder and kidney test and pressure test for march and MRI for march Dorris Wedding vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length