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Some good news, I think my jaw alignment is improving? And i've decided after Christmas I am going to go to the doctor or preferably even a cardiologist and a neurologist if I can and see what's going on with my brain and my heart now as I haven't seen one for at least 3 years now, be good to see if there's been a change or maybe different results as I was left confused after some of my tests... with the neurologist they stuck those wire things over my whole head and flashed heaps of lights over my face at different speeds and they said the tests came out fine, which was so frustrating cause while I was doing the test I knew if they had of stuck those things on my head while I was working at the bar with those flashing lights it probably would've got a different result, with the neurologist I was laying down and comfortable. The cardiologist I did these lil test to check balance or something, cant remember, that was all fine, did an ECG which I think was okay but don't remember what they said. I wore a holter monitor for 24hours and had to do different activites to see how my heart rate changed, again I cant really remember the results but I know it showed an abnormal heart rate sometimes when I was just resting, sometimes it was like I just finished a run even tho I was just chilling lol. I think its hard to tell when your heart is gunna suddenly start beating abnormally with Sinus Tachycardia I think it just happens whenever it happens, there is no predicting when and I don't think you always necasarily feel the palpatations when it happens either (not 100% sure of what I'm saying just fyi lol, its been a while). I want to wear a monitor for my heart and brain for a while just to see what it does lol. I did more tests at the chiropractor where they recorded how I responded to different noises volumes etc? cant remember that properly either but those results came out a bit all over the place. I'm gunna try find all these test results actually or try get another copy cause I want to study them again. The one thing that really buzzed me out tho, and this has reminded me that I'm actually not suppose to drink alcohol or energy drinks like red bull etc cause it makes my symptoms go a bit haywire, but there was one night my ex and I had been out drinking so I was quite hungover, he was out and I just got the most awful feeling like I was passing out even tho it didn't happen, I was just stuck with the feeling of almost passing out, rang him to ring the ambulance cause I thought I might pass out before I could tell them the address and well I just needed a bit of comfort as I was distressed, jumped in the ambulance where they hooked me up to a heart monitor and found a lil humor or something in my heart (I don't know if that's bad or even the right word- humor) I almost didn't go to ED and was gonna stay home cause I was feeling better but becoz it was my heart I went in just to be safe, so the thing that buzzed me out, was when I got to ED they put me onto one of the heart monitor's there and it was the strangest thing, I thought the monitor was broken or I wasn't hooked up properly because every time I looked at it, the numbers were all over the place, they would jump from like 70 to 120 to 140 to 80 to 90 to to 60, those weren't the exact numbers of course but pretty close and that's exactly what it was like, all over the place, turned out the monitor wasn't broken at all, that was my heart, I don't remember the doctors exact words but I'm pretty sure she said she's never seen that before and none of them knew why it was doing that, they said I was an anomaly!!! I'd be very keen to talk to a specialist that is willing to really listen and investiagate what is going on because nothing the doctors were doing to help, were helping, different medications, or I would always come back clear or fine when it was obvious to me that I wasn't. So on my next doctors visit I'm gonna be prepared and know exactly what I want to achieve from the apt and put my foot down a bit... that was more then jotting things down wasn't it, turned into a novel haha but yeah, I wanna know more about why my heart was all over the place like that, I want them to explain what they cant explain. Kinda cool to be called an anomaly actually, I think my ex said I was one in a billion haha Dorris Wedding simple and casual wedding collections in short length :-P