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When I was born I had a bowel movement; however at two-years old I totally stopped having a bm and the doctors told my mom, "Just give her an enema." The enemas never worked and I was so afraid of them and still am to this day. In 1971, my appendix burst. My mother called the doctor and he said to give her an enema thinking it was just constipation. This caused me to have a septic back up. I ended up with learning disablbities. I could not do athletics, become a cheerleaders, etc. Did not do well. My pain was unbelievable. Come college, it seems my Hirschprung's calmed down and I was able to have a bm. Right after graduating a community college, I could not poop; yet again, enemas. They did not work. I went 21 days w/o a bm Perdiem worked, but ony temporarily. Finallly my doctor recommended me to gastroenterologist who gave me harsh medicine, SENOKOT-S. It worke. However, I cannot go w/o the Senokot-S; even if I eat veggies and fruits-I do eat fruits and veggies. When I went to my flu shot this month, the nurse did tell me to take prune juice and then butter, place in in the mug and put in the microwave for a minute and the drink-I didthat and it worked like a miracle. Again, I have SSHD, a mild form.;however, that mild form has caused Autism. I could never have children. SSHD is a milder form of Hirschprung; however, still painful, cannot do what my piers can do. Cannot drive or have children. Thanks SSHD. I also ended up w/a pituitary tumor. which caused pseudo pregnancy symptons, weight gain and lost of looks love and prayers. I Dorris Wedding maid of honor wears in fuchsia color