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Barry used to travel a lot for his work, especially to
Livingstone and sometimes abroad. I didn't have
insecurities about my fiancés travelling because he
loved me and that was all that mattered.I never for
once felt like I was walking on eggshells! Besides, all
the preparations had commenced and in full force.
Both the venues for the kitchen and wedding parties
were paid for. My wedding dresses and bridal
dresses were all bought, literally everything was
ready and so we were just waiting for the proposed
dates for our functions!
One fateful Friday evening which was a month prior
to my kitchen party, my fiancé Barry came home and
these were the exact words he uttered ''Imagine
baby, my boss has asked me to travel to Tanzania for
a workshop tomorrow, but I am not ready’’. I
encouraged him not to go if he wasn’t ready
especially that he didn’t have enough time to prepare,
but he didn’t want to disappoint his boss.’’Honey, I
am not happy that I am going to Tanzania, but the
best part is these allowances will be of great help
towards our wedding’’, he said.I hugged him and told
him I was surely going to miss him; little did I know,
that marked the end of our relationship!
After Barry left my place that evening, his phone was
unreachable. I tried sending messages and calling
him like we normally did, but to no avail. I just
convinced myself that he was probably stressed
about the trip and he needed rest. At least he found
time in his busy schedule to come and say bye to me
was my consolation!
Three days without hearing from him, got me
worried! it was unlike Barry, something was definitely
wrong somewhere.Barry always kept contacts every
time he was out of town/country. Anyways, as
patient, as the vulture I waited for the one week to
elapse, so that he could come back from the trip.
Friday mid-morning, which was a week later I found a
lot of missed calls from a private number, so I
became delighted, thinking that finally Barry was
trying to get hold of me. I held on to the phone so
that I could not miss the call, but unfortunately the
unknown caller never called again. At lunchtime,Stacy
came by and she looked so disturbed. The good part
was Fridays were usually half days for the both of us.
I asked Stacy what the matter was, then she faked a
smile and told me she had some news about Barry. I
quickly cut her short and told her I found some
unknown missed calls, when I had gone to attend the
meeting. I further went on telling her that probably
that was why he decided to call on her phone..
''Girlfriend bring it on,I am all ears'' I told Stacy...
To be continued...
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