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Our faith of were you are going in life is not passive. It does not sit down and wait for conditions to get better. It creates the right conditions. Faith will cause you to develop yourself further. Remember the story of David and Goliath? Everyone saw Goliath and gets scared and said he is to big to kill. David saw the same thing and got excited and ran towards the giant saying, he's too big, I can't miss him. What are you seeing today? A giant or an opportunity? The bigger the obstacle in front of you, the greater the glory ahead of you. Faith is what separates those with manifestations from those with explanation for mediocrity. Faith is a universal currency that is available for all. By faith the sons of nobodies have become some bodies. By faith sons of paupers have become billionaires. By faith cripples have won Olympic medals. By faith descendants of herdsmen have become presidents. By faith people have overcome the greatest obstacles imaginable and have gone on to achieve great feats. Do not feed your doubts at the expense of your faith by always talking about your fears and doubts. Dorris Wedding cocktail party selections in coral

Feed your faith by surrounding yourself with things that remained you of where you are going. Someone reading this piece is going to be the big thing in Africa. If you can see it, if you can say it, if you can get up and run towards it, then you are it. Notice I did not say you will be it. I said you already are. Faith says "I am therefore I do". Tradition says " I do that I may became. " Inside every fool is a genius waiting to come out. Inside every peasant is a king waiting to be crowned. Speak the language of your destination; see yourself there and very soon the whole world will be forced to see about you what you already saw concerning yourself. No matter how bad yesterday was, every morning when you wake up, you have an opportunity to speak the language of a new day. When you say 'Good Morning' you are declaring the day good even before you experience it.